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V National Congress
CKBG 2015

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TITLE: "Does Knowledge Building Have a Heart? Does it Have a Soul?"

Carl Bereiter

Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology (IKIT)
University of Toronto

September 9, KB day Summer Institute

TITLE: "Exploring Idea Landscapes"

Marlene Scardamalia

Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology (IKIT)
University of Toronto

September 9, KB Summer Institute day

TITLE: “Researching learning across contexts”

Kristiina Kumpulainen

Università di Helsinki (Finlandia)

September 10

Abstract: Efforts to understand the dynamic processes of learning situated across space and time, online and offline, are presently challenging traditional definitions of learning and education. From the perspective of research, not only is this a pragmatic challenge, that is, how to trace learners across physical contexts but also very much a methodological one. This entails how to conceptualize learning as stretching across multiple contexts and how this conceptualization informs the logic of inquiry the researchers take up in order to make sense of their investigations. In my presentation, I attempt to address these pressing questions. I shall consider some methodological possibilities that aim at conceptualizing learning as a complex phenomenon that stretches across space and time, beyond the here and now. In doing so, I hope to open up a dialogue about emerging avenues for educational research that is motivated to take a holistic and dynamic approach to understanding learning in contemporary connected worlds.

TITLE: “Pervasive, dirompenti, seducenti, abilitanti:
tecnologie interattive per l’innovazione sociale e il cambiamento”

Patrizia Marti

Professore ordinario, Università di Eindhoven (Paesi Bassi)
Ricercatore presso l’Università di Siena

September 11

Abstract: "There are no technological revolutions without cultural transformation." This reflection of Manuel Castells in his Galaxy Internet, explores the complexity of the social problems generated by the spread of the Internet. But the global network is no longer just a means of connection between people through computers. The digital components of the network have now materialized in things, objects. The information that is stopped traveling exclusively on the computer screen to move on physical objects, able to talk to each other and with the environment. The challenge is that this technological innovation will become social innovation, and that individuals, society, institutions, companies can appropriate it, modifying it, transforming it, experimenting with it. My speech will be a reflection on the role of technology in social innovation. In discussing the implications and opportunities of technology, I will take on the perspective of interaction design, a discipline that studies the social practices and the knowledge produced during the use of tools, collecting experiences and imagine new possibilities of use, but also new activities that would not be possible without the use of digital technologies. In Design Interaction between people and technological artifact, each scenario of future activities is always deeply fell in the analysis of this ethno-methodology. The reflection will be guided by the presentation of project experiences conducted in several areas: learning, personal care, the use of cultural heritage.

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