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CKBG 2015

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Congress CKBG 2015

Barcolana - historic international sailing regatta


Submitted October 12, 2015

A month after the conclusion of the congress thank all the participants, who came in Italy from different countries to share their experiences on the subject.

A special thanks goes to the many speakers, collaborators and all those who have labored for success of this event.

The Fifth Congress CKBG constituted an opportunity to share experiences, identify proposals, to look at new challenges for the future.

Please note that presentations and the video footage of the speakers are available online from the menu Program at Congress material.

Gisella Paoletti

Intervento dal forum del Comitato CKBG

Submitted September 8, 2015

Message from the Chair of the conference Prof. Gisella Paoletti:

Dear guests, in Trieste is almost ready!

Here is some information about the place of our meeting.

via Tigor 22, Trieste - Mappa

To get away Tigor Wednesday could use the bus n. 30, leaving the station and runs through the center. The path is short, but there is a little climb that you may wish to avoid. If you have a downtown hotel you can take bus no. 30 in S. Giorgio, near Piazza Hortis. You should get off at via Don Minzoni and then make a short downhill leading to the entrance, in the same way. Entrance (marked with the black arrow) you will find the directions to the counter of the reception. You will also find the signs to reach the spaces which will host all the activities of the Congress.

The weather forecast looks good for the next week, and so, after a day of engaging work we can rest for the streets of downtown, near the beautiful Piazza Unità, and perhaps even make a swim... for curiosity: Beach with wall in Trieste

The conference dinner will be at the Dam, the island of Trieste, which is a short walk from Piazza Unità. We'll see a beautiful sunset!

See photo from facebook

Donatella Cesareni

Intervention by the Committee forum CKBG

Submitted August 27, 2015

Dear Members, in a few days we will start our fifth congress, that the birth of the association is held every two years, a meeting and comparison for all the scientific members.

During the congress provided a space for meeting on issues related to the development of our association, the "traditional" Shareholders' Meeting.

The meeting will be held (on first call Thursday, September 10 at 23) and the second meeting Friday, September 11 at 17:30 in the premises of the Department of Humanities of the University of Trieste, Via Tigor 22 (the conference venue), classroom C01 , level 1. It will end then at 19, in time to prepare to attend the social dinner :-) The agenda of the meeting will be as follows:

1. Presentation of the new Executive Committee (elected at the end of 2014)
2. Situation inscription members
3. Record of activities of the last two years
4. First Congressional Budget 2015
5. The new site 6. Future projects

For the EC CKBG, Donatella Cesareni

Tigor - main entrance

Intervention by the Committee forum CKBG

Submitted August 24, 2015

Dear Members, even during this hot August we want to keep you updated on the work to be progressing our Congress. In particular we wanted to give you some information about the location.

The location of the Congress is the building of the ex-Faculty of Education, currently one of the offices of the Department of Humanities and it locates in Via Tigor, 22, in the old and very characteristic part of the city.

The headquarter's dislocated at 10 minutes walking to Unità di Italia Square and it is well served by public transport both from the Railway Station than the center. Particularly from the train station the location is accessible by bus n. 30 that it takes just in front of the main entrance.

The building has two small parking lots for cars, one always open and accessible only with one pass. Nearby you can still park, otherwise you can leave your car at the covered parking near the train station and take public transportation. Each classroom is equipped with a projection system for slide; also there is a teleconferencing system for the day Wednesday, September 9th.

Happy holidays and good August from around the EC.
See you in September

Stefano Cacciamani

Intervention by the Committee forum CKBG

Submitted July 10, 2015

Dear members of CKBG, it as you mentioned, the V Congress CKBG is enriched by a new event this year: September 9 there will be a special day, "the Knowledge Building Summer Institute" day, organized in collaboration with the association Knowledge Building International (KBI). Thanks to this collaboration, our Congress has become part of an international network of events on the theme of Knowledge building, which are also held in Canada, Brazil and New Zealand, entitled: "Share the Excitement: Knowledge Building Innovation Around the World".

On the day of September 9, in particular, we will host key notes of Marlene Scardamalia and Carl Bereiter, which we will offer a contribution on the current state of research based on the model Knowledge Building. It will be interesting see what ideas will bring their contributions to the debate on the theme of our Congress, so that will develop the following days: the relationship between innovation and digital technologies in the dialectic between continuity and change.

Thanks to this collaboration, we will have the chance to confront us about research and innovation experience at school, presented by some foreign colleagues that will intervene in presence in Trieste.

The program that we're finishing building in these days promises rich many stimulus. See you in Trieste!!!

For the EC CKBG, Stefano Cacciamani

Gianvito D'Aprile

Intervention by the Committee forum CKBG

Submitted June 25, 2015

Dear members of CKBG, the V National Congress is almost upon us and we want to make any and all share the news that we will live for the event to be held in Trieste 9 to 12 September.
One new feature is the possibility to follow remotely via Webinar interventions of our keynotes Scardamalia e Bereiter, Kumpulainen e Marti. For those who can not be physically based in Trieste in the beautiful places of the Department of Humanities, will participate simple: a few days before the event we will share with you a link to access the Aula Virtual Adobe Connect. Through the Virtual Remote we will have the opportunity to:

- Listen to live the speech of our authoritative representatives;

- Chat interaction supported by an e-tutor;

- Intervene via voice in sync, to ask questions directly to the speakers, if they so wish;

- Listen to "deferred" the speech, where you will be unable to be present in sync but choose the Webinar as how to participate in the Congress.

As it were, a different way to participate, a way to be there anyway. Other updates to this you can ask me directly. I assure you, however, that we will give all the details to ensure a good e-participation. Stay tuned!

For the EC CKBG, Gianvito D'Aprile

Maria Beatrice Ligorio

Intervention by the Committee forum CKBG

Submitted June 21, 2015

Dear partners, we decided to send you periodic updates than the organizational work of the congress so as to keep you informed. The first update it's my turn. I am addressing the management of abstracts and the evaluation process. They got a total of 64 abstracts, of which: 7 posters, 26 oral presentations, 1 presentation software, 6 experiences at school, 6 symposiums. When all abstracts have already been shipped to the reviewer (selected from the Scientific Committee) that by June 3 we will have their papers. If you have questions or suggestions about this phase of work will be welcome.

For the EC CKBG, Maria Beatrice Ligorio

Italy Summer Institute 2015

Knowledge Building Summer Institute (KBSI) day - September 9, 2015

Submitted April 1, 2015

Congress CKBG has been enriched by a new event: September 9 there will be a special day, the "Knowledge Building Summer Institute day" organized in collaboration with the Association Knowledge Building International (KBI). Through this collaboration our Congress has become part of a network of events on the theme of Knowledge Building taking place in Canada, Brazil and New Zealand entitled "Share the Excitement: Building Knowledge Innovation Around the World". Read more:

Change dates and conference registration fees

Submitted April 1, 2015

Attention: changed the dates of the V Congress CKBG and fees

Open and Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology, Culture and Education

Call for Articles: Issue QWERTY, Vol 10, 2 - 2015

Submitted January 29, 2014

The theme of this special issue is the same that inspired the V National Congress of CKBG to be held in Trieste, 10 to 12 September 2015. The purpose of the special issue is to collect the most interesting contributions on technological innovation, which will be points of reference for the conference itself. Read full article

View of the lighthouse Lantern in Trieste

Fifth Congress

Submitted December 22, 2014

This summer there will be the fifth conference entitled "Innovation and Digital Technologies: between continuity and change". The host institution is the Department of Humanities of the University of Trieste. The congress will take place on 10-12 September 2015 at the Via Tigor 22. Soon all the news about this site.

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